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Narita Yumemakiba Auto Campsite

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Reservations for the campsite are available online only
※ Same-day reservations are accepted by phone.

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Weekdays9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
(December to February: 10:00 AM -)
Saturday9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday9:30 AM - 3:00 PM



5:00 PM (No formalities required)

※ Special periods may have different hours

Campsite Closure Dates

 March: None         
 April: 24th (Wednesday)           
 May: 8th (Wednesday)          


Campsite Event Information

coming soon・・・

Weather Forecast

About camp site

■General Sites (Sites D-G)

・Non-designated Free Sites

・Please be considerate of the surrounding area, including ensuring access to the roadway.

※ During periods of special pricing as determined by our company, designated areas may be allocated.

■Powered Sites (Sites A-C)

・Designated Site: Approximately 9m x 9m
 ※ Some plots may not be perfectly square.

・Please keep all tents, vehicles, and personalbelongings within the designated area.

・Please usethe stakes and ropes provided to markyour site without removing them.

・Electricity usage fees apply. (Please refer to the usage fees section for details)

■Features of Each Site (Sites A-G)

※ When making a reservation, you can choose between General Sites or Powered Sites.

※ Site preferences in advance are not accepted. Please use the site assigned to you during check-in.

Closure information will be provided on the reservation website, official social media channels, etc., but sudden changes may occur due to weather conditions, etc.

※※ Information regarding closures or closures of sites will apply to the entire duration of your stay.

Campsite Introductions


There are slopes, but the terrain resembles terraced fields with flat spaces as well. The distances to various facilities are balanced. It's noteworthy for having the most cherry blossom trees among the powered sites.


Among the powered sites, this one is the most popular due to its flat terrain. It's conveniently close to the management building, making it perfect for beginners.


Slightly tucked away, this powered site offers relatively more shade and is recommended for those seeking to avoid the wind.


With mostly flat terrain and plenty of shade from trees, this site is popular during cherry blossom season due to its proximity to cooking facilities, toilets, and garbage disposal areas.


A secluded spot surrounded by trees, offering a relatively quiet and spacious environment. Recommended for those who prefer a relaxed atmosphere with flat terrain, connected to cooking facilities and toilets via stairs.


A site ideal for beginners, with most facilities including the management building nearby. It's also close to the ranch, making it suitable for families with young children. There's some slope to the terrain.


The largest free site used for various events. The terrain is almost flat, and facilities are conveniently close by, making it popular among beginners and families with children.


A dedicated rental site (approximately the size of 20 regular sites). Although it's a distance from the log houses, it's very close to Yume Bokujo (Dream Ranch)!! Enjoy a spacious and relaxing environment without worrying about onlookers. Reservations are accepted via phone.

Facility Introductions


Log House


Start your journey here! The reception counter is located here.


Log House Shop


A shop is available inside the log house. It offers a wide range of goods including firewood, charcoal, and daily necessities like toothbrushes for your peace of mind.


Cooking Area


Rain or shine, two covered communal cooking areas can accommodate approximately 200 people each.
(Please note that they may be reserved for private events.)


Cooking Facilities


There are three cooking areas on-site. Some of the cooking facilities at D and G sites provide hot water.




Barrier-free toilets for disabled individuals are available. The toilets near the management building are equipped with bidet functions.




Available 24 hours a day, with well-equipped facilities including 9 rooms for men and 8 rooms for women. Washbasins are also provided for your convenience.


Rental Equipment


Campsite Map

Usage Fees


Overnight Stay¥2,500


Junior High School Students and above


Overnight Stay¥1,300


Ages 4 to Elementary School




Overnight Stay¥800



・Proof of vaccination is required.


Regular Cars

Overnight Stay¥1,500

Day Trip¥1,000

Large Vehicles

Overnight Stay¥2,400


(Including Buses)


Overnight Stay¥900

Day Trip¥600

Electricity Usage Fee

Per Site¥1,300

  • The above rates are for regular periods. Please note that prices may differ during peak seasons.
  • ※For visitors with pets, ペットとのご来場についてplease read the "Regarding Visiting with Pets" section.

牧Enjoy discounted entry to the ranch with Campsite Visitor Privilege Tickets!



Regular: ¥1,900 *1

→ Privilege Ticket¥1,400

Junior High School Students and above



Regular: ¥1,000 *1

→ Privilege Ticket:¥600

Ages 4 to Elementary School




Regular: ¥1,000

→ Privilege Ticket¥800

・Proof of vaccination is required.

  • ★ Exclusive offer for campsite guests: Get discounted tickets for Yume Bokujo (Dream Ranch)! Moreover, these tickets can be used multiple times during your stay!!
  • *1 Comparison based on holiday rates.

School Group Special: Outdoor Cooking and Curry-Making Plan for Educational Excursions

キャンプ 校外学習

Proposal for Campsite Group Rates

キャンプ 校外学習

Commercial Use of Campsite: Seeking Vendors

キャンプ 校外学習

Notices for Facility Usage意

◇Basic Information

  • ・All Auto Sites: Vehicles must be parked within the site (no separate parking available).
  • ・General Sites: Open sites without designated plots. Please be considerate of others and ensure the roadway is clear.
  • ・Power Supply Sites: Approximately 9x9m plot sites (some may not be perfectly square). Please keep all tents and vehicles within the designated plot.
  • ・Site Closures: Occasional closures due to site maintenance (announcements made on reservation website, official Twitter, etc.)
  • ・Payment Methods: Full payment required on-site during check-in.
  • ・Credit/Electronic Payments: Only full payments accepted. PayPay and some electronic money are allowed (charging not available).
  • ・Pet Policy: Dogs are subject to a fee; other pets are free (must comply with Narita Dream Ranch regulations, stricter enforcement since August 1, 2022).
  • ・Reservation Method: Online reservations only (phone reservations for same-day use: 0476-96-1001).
  • ・Advance Reservations Required: Reservations must be made in advance (phone confirmation required for same-day visits).

  • During special rate periods determined by our company, there are significant differences in plot allocation, usage times, capacity, fees/payment methods, cancellation fees, and other procedures compared to normal operations. Please refer to the specific "Terms and Conditions" posted on the reservation website each time.

◇Reservation Policies

  • ・Reservation acceptance typically begins at the opening time of Narita Dream Ranch for the corresponding month, two months prior to the 1st day (e.g., Reservations for August start around 9:30 am on June 1st) (some exceptions may apply; announcements made on reservation website, official Twitter, etc.).
  • ・Reservation Criteria: "1 Site = 1 Vehicle + 1 Tent" (basic capacity: 5 persons) *Use of tarps or similar items is not prohibited.
  • ・For train arrivals, the "number of reservations (number of vehicles)" should be based on the number of tents pitched.
  • ・Stay dates must include all days from check-in to check-out unless there is availability for the entire stay.
  • ・Reservation ID issued upon completion of reservation (required for inquiries). Confirmation available on completion screen or via automated email.
  • Site allocation not available. Entry granted on a first-come, first-served basis after completing check-in procedures (no guarantee of adjacent sites even for groups).
  • ・Waiting list not available.
  • ・"Early Check-in" and "Late Check-out" not available.
  • ・Prior to making online reservations, please ensure that the domain restriction for email reception is lifted (Domain:
  • ・Reservation changes accepted via phone (0476-96-1001) or email (Reservation ID required).
  • Cancellation (Registered Members): Process through "Reservation History" after logging in before 5:00 pm the day before.
  • ・Cancellation (Non-registered Reservations): Process via dedicated URL, login ID, and password provided in the automated confirmation email before 5:00 pm the day before.
  • ・For camper vans (trailers), please provide vehicle dimensions (length, width, height) in advance. Depending on the situation, entry may not be permitted.
  • Adjustments of dates, locations, etc. (e.g., attendance on any available day) for the purpose of multiple reservations are not allowed.

  • During special rate periods determined by our company, there are significant differences in plot allocation, usage times, capacity, fees/payment methods, cancellation fees, and other procedures compared to normal operations. Please refer to the specific "Terms and Conditions" posted on the reservation website each time.

◇Campground Usage

  • ・Reception Location: Campground Management Log House.
  • ・Check-in Times (Normal Hours)
  • Weekdays: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
  • Saturdays: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sundays: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
  • ※During winter operating period (December to February), weekdays: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.
  • ※GW, 3-day weekends, summer vacation, etc., operating hours may vary from the above.
  • ・Check-out: By 5:00 pm (no further procedures required).
  • ・Rental item distribution until 4:00 pm.
  • ・Discounts applied: Discounts must be presented before payment (not applicable after payment).
  • ・Additional rental requests, fuel (wood, charcoal) purchases accepted only during management house operating hours.
  • ・Stays beyond 5:00 pm are subject to accommodation charges, regardless of overnight stay.
  • ・Advance shipping of luggage, receipt, and shipping at the site are not available (including arrangements directly by customers).
  • ・Minors staying alone or children under middle school age only are not allowed.

◇Group Usage

  • ・Payment should ideally be made collectively (please refrain from splitting payments).
  • ・Avoid excessive loud conversations, drinking parties, etc.
  • ・For groups of 20 or more, please consult in advance.
  • Holding events without prior consultation or permission from our company, regardless of scale, is prohibited.
  • Please be considerate of surrounding customers to avoid inconvenience.
  • ・Depending on the reservation details, we may confirm usage and provide information on group usage (private rental, etc.).

◇Usage Rules

  • ・Prohibited Activities: "Open Fires," "Acts of Noise," "Occupying Shared Spaces," "Use of Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments, Radios, etc.," "Use of Drones, Generators, Vinyl Pools, etc., which may cause inconvenience to neighboring customers," "Use of Equipment Attached to Trees such as Hammocks (Self-supporting hammocks are acceptable)," "Idling," "Entry into Sites Outside the Campground (Private Property).
  • ・Entry into or reserving a site before check-in is strictly prohibited.
  • ・Please refrain from visiting outside of reception hours as it may inconvenience nearby residents.
  • ・Nighttime entry and exit: Entry or exit after 10:00 pm is not allowed except in emergencies (including vehicle movement).
  • ・Fireworks: Prohibited.
  • ・Do not enter other customers' sites (spaces).
  • ・Narita Yume Bokujo parking lot is generally not available for use (except during entry into Narita Yume Bokujo, parking fee not required separately).
  • ・Pets: Pets must be leashed, and owners are responsible for proper management, including preventing unnecessary barking and cleaning up feces and urine.
  • ・We cannot be held responsible for car accidents, theft, fire, customer disputes, etc., on-site.
  • ・Using the campground without prior notification or unauthorized entry will result in additional penalty fees added to the settlement amount, and future use may be refused.
  • ・Failure to comply with rules, nuisance behavior, or failure to follow staff instructions may result in forced eviction. No refund will be provided in case of forced eviction.

◇Facilities and Services

  • ・Electrical Site Electricity Usage: 1500W (e.g., Hair Dryer (1200W), Electric Carpet (750W)).
  • ・Store: Operates only during management house business hours.
  • ・Garbage Disposal Area: Available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Separate waste in "completely transparent bags" (bags available for purchase at the store).
    ※Disposal Items: Burnable garbage, plastic waste, cans, bottles, PET bottles.
    ※Resource waste (cardboard, etc.), bulky waste, and any waste not listed above must be taken with you.
  • ・Cooking Area: Available for drinking water only. Some taps also provide hot water. Please refrain from using it for anything other than washing hands, food, and dishes.
  • ・Pet Rental Item Use (Contact): Pets are prohibited from entering indoor facilities, off-leash areas, and other areas (including being placed in cages).
  • ・Bathing Facilities: Coin-operated showers available (no bathtub, amenities, or hairdryers provided).
  • ・Currency Exchange Machine: Operates only on weekends, holidays, and long vacations (exchange of 1000 yen bills to 100 yen coins).
  • ・Refunds for rental items, store items, etc., are generally not accepted (except for defective items).
  • ・Staff will be unavailable outside of business hours or during the night.
  • ・There are no provided playgrounds or recreation spaces.

◇Frequently Asked Questions

  • ・When are special rate periods or peak seasons?
     → GW, etc., periods of three consecutive holidays or more may be designated as "special rate periods."
      Specific dates will be announced on the "Notice" section or official Twitter. Also, except for the designated special rate periods, there are no peak season rates (as of February 2021).
  • ・Are cancellation fees charged?
      → Only during the "special rate period" (as of February 2021). Regardless of whether cancellation fees are set, please be sure to complete the cancellation process by 5:00 pm the day before. Please refer to each "Notice" for the period and rate of cancellation fees during the special rate period.
  • ・Can firewood be purchased on weekdays?
     → Yes, it is possible.
      There are also vending machines for coniferous firewood.
  • Can rental items be added on the day of arrival?
     → It is possible if there is stock.
      In some cases, if reserved items are out of stock, please make reservations in advance if possible.
  • ・I'm not receiving emails.
     → Please check your spam folder and email settings.
      Emails may be sorted into the spam folder, so please check there. Please also check if there are any domain restrictions or PC email rejection settings. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • ・I want to change my email address.
     → After logging in, you can change it from "Member Information."
      Email addresses registered without membership (logged out) cannot be changed.
  • ・If I have one car and two tents, how many sites do I need to reserve?
     → Please reserve two sites.
      When making a reservation, the standard is "1 site = 1 vehicle + 1 tent." Please note that the electrical sites have designated areas, and not all general sites can be freely used.
  • ・I want to reserve more than two sites.
    →Reservations are made for one site at a time. The use of our campground follows the standard of "1 site = 1 vehicle + 1 tent." Therefore, please reserve the required number of sites according to this standard (except for special rate periods and midday rotation systems). If you wish to use multiple sites as a group, each person should make a separate reservation. Please note that different site types (general/electrical) cannot be used for members of the same group, so please make sure to unify the site types.
  • ・Even though there are vacancies, I cannot make a reservation.
     → Reservations cannot be made if the checkout date is full.
      Since checkout is usually at 5:00 pm, reservations cannot be made if there are no vacancies for all days, including the checkout date.
  • ・If I use it for two nights, will the rental fee double?
     → Yes.
      The prices listed in the fee table are for "day use/overnight stays." The price doubles for each additional night (two nights, three nights, etc.).
  • ・I want to stay for one night, and other family members want to use it for a day trip. How should I make a reservation?
     →Please register separately for each length of stay.
      Check-in reception should be done separately by the person visiting on the day of arrival.
  • ・I'm considering changing my two-night stay to one night because the weather seems bad.
     → Please pay the fee for one night and decide whether to extend your stay by checkout time.
     If you wish to use the second night, you will need to pay the difference. Please note that it may be difficult to issue a refund after payment in case of reducing from two nights to one night.
  • ・I want to check out at 6:00 am.
     → It is possible.
      From 10:00 pm to 6:00 am is "lights-out time," so please exit while considering nearby residents.
  • ・Can rental items be used with pets?
     → They can be used unless they are "for pet rental (contact)." In the future, there may be allergy sufferers using them. Please make sure that there is no contact with pets, including being in a cage. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • ・How early should I arrive to secure a spot?
     → Please arrive according to the check-in start time.
      Some customers arrive early, but there is not much waiting space. Early check-in may also be unfair to other customers. We kindly ask you to arrive at the scheduled time as much as possible.
  • ・Can I view the campground before check-in?
     → It is not allowed.
      Please refrain from entering before check-in. If you are not present at the time of check-in, we will guide those who are waiting behind you. If you would like to visit for future use, please consult with us in advance.
  • ・I'm a beginner and I'm worried if I can set up a tent or tarp.
     →Please feel free to ask for assistance.
      Setting up is one of the joys of camping. Please read the instructions carefully and challenge yourself, then feel free to consult us. During busy times, there may be a wait. Also, if you bring your own tent or tarp, we may not be able to assist you sufficiently.