Our campsite is open for everyone

The campsite is rich in nature, with green meadows spreading out and clear blue skies above. Whether it’s barbecues day trip, camping for beginners or group accommodation events, our campsite will meet all your needs.

Campsite Update




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Campsite Info


The campsite has slopes, but they are slowly spread like a field with flat space in between. The distance to each facility is well balanced. Most cherry trees among all power supply zones.


This area is most popular among power supply zones because of its flatness. It’s also very convenience because its close distance to the management building. Recommended for beginners using power supply zone.


This is the power supply area with the most partitions. Optimal for group use because of its flatness. Also relatively larger size shades comparing to other power supply zones.


This area is flat and with an adequate amount of shade . It is also close to cooking area, restroom and garbage collection areas. There are many cherry blossom trees in this area, making it a very popular zone during the cherry blossom season among our visitors.


A retreat spot surrounded by trees. You can find a relatively quiet and organized space here easily. And the field is flat, so it is recommended for group user. Closely connected to the kitchen, restroom and stairs.


Close to most facilities (including the management building). It is relatively safe for beginners to settle in the area. Also recommended for families with kids because it’s close to the farm. There are some slopes in this area.


The biggest free site optimal for all types of event. With its flat field and easy access to each facility, it is popular among beginners and family with kids like site F.


Log House

Log House

Reception counter and campsite store is located here. The store has firewood and charcoal, as well as daily necessities like toothbrushes if you forgot to bring any.



It's okay if it rains! Permanent shared space with a roofed hearth that can accommodate about 200 people at a time. Located in two places within the campsite, handheld fireworks are also sold here.
(Can be used for special events and school group activities.)

Cooking Area

Cooking Area

Three cooking areas in total within our campsite. Hot water available in some of the kitchens at the D and G site. Some areas are closed during winter.



Equipped with barrier-free restroom for people with disability. Restrooms near the management building are installed with washlets.



Available 24 hours. Full facilities of 6 rooms for men and 8 rooms for women. The wash basin is fully equipped and you can brush your teeth here.


Camping Tent Set

Tent, thermo sheet x 4, sleeping bag or blanket x 4, lantern (with battery), charcoal stove, grill grid, charcoal 3 kg, fire scissors, match, ignition agent x 2

8000Yen(Tax Included)

Easy BBQ Set

Charcoal stove, grill grid, charcoal 3kg, fire scissors, match, ignition agent×2, kitchen knife, cutting board, colander, bowl, tongs, cooking chopsticks
※Ingredients are not included.

                       3000Yen(Tax Included)

Hexa Tarp

Height adjustment and various installation are possible with pole handling.

4000Yen(Tax Included)

Table&Chair Set

Convenient folding type that can sit up to 4 people.

1700Yen(Tax Included)

Other Rental Equipment

Tent (with silver mat)


Lantern (with battery)


Silver mat (for one person)


Sleeping bag




Lounge chair


Extension cord (4m)


Cord reel


Bath towel


Stove for charcoal


Cassette cooker (with fuel)


Fire tongs


Mess kit




Kitchen knife


Chopping board














Rice paddle






Iron plate


Dutch oven


Heated foot mat


Campsite Map


Fees and Charges




Day Trip1,500Yen

Junior High School Students or Above



Day Trip1,000Yen

4 years old~preschool-aged children

Large-Sized Dogs


Day Trip700Yen

More than 50cm tall.

・Vaccination and vaccination certificates must be presented.

Medium/Small-Sized Dogs


Day Trip500Yen

Less than 50cm tall.

・Vaccination and vaccination certificates must be presented.

Regular Vehicle

Day Trip1,500Yen

Day Trip1,000Yen

Large Vehicle


Day Trip1,600Yen

Including Bus



Day Trip600Yen

Including Bike

Power Supply Charge


Day Trip1,300Yen

each site

  • ※Above are normal rates. Please note that prices might be different during the peak season.
  • Please read [Visiting with Pets] if you are bringing your dog.


About Reservation

  • ・Reservation is available from 2 months in advance. (Exp. Reservation for August starts at May)
  • ・You can choose your preferred location from the area available after you check in. You may not reserve in advance.
    Some sites might be closed for maintenance at times.
  • ・If you are visiting us by train, please fill in the “Number of Reservations(Vehicles)” with the number of tents that you plan to set up.
  • ・Generally we do not charge for cancellation fee. If you plan to cancel your reservation, please contact us even if it’s on your day of visit.
    Please note that this does not apply if you are using during the special fee period and have paid in advance.
  • ・Pets are charged only for dogs. Other pets can use our campsite for free (Cats, rabbits, etc.)
  • ・Rental items can be rented on the day if they are in stock, please make a reservation in advance if possible. Please be sure to specify number of items needed when making the reservation.
  • ・If you cannot make a reservation online even though it shows that the item is still in stock, you will not be able to reserve. However, we may be able to meet your request depending on the situation. Please contact us through call or email directly when needed.
  • ・If you are making a reservation online, please cancel the domain restriction of the e-mail reception in advance. If you do not receive the automatic reply e-mail, please contact us by phone or inquiry form on our website.
  • ・The reservation reference number will be issued when the reservation is completed. You can confirm it on the reservation completion screen or the automatic reply mail.
  • ・You can check in without appointment if there is space available at the campsite, but please make a reservation in advance if possible.
  • ・Changes (cancellations) to reservations can be made through call or e-mail (exceptions during special fee period).
  • ・We do not accept prior or on-site luggage shipment.

Using the Campsite

  • June~November: Weekday 9:30~15:00 Saturday 9:30~19:00 Sunday 9:30~16:00
    December~February: Weekday 10:00~15:00
  • ・Check-in is possible from 9am to 4pm. Rental items are available for pickup until 4pm. Please refrain from visiting outside of opening hours, as it may disturb our neighbors. If you expect to arrive past the check-in time, please contact us by 3pm.
    ※Check-in Reception Counter Weekday(except for summer vacation): Narita Dream Farm Entrance Counter Holiday and Summer Vacation:Campsite Log House
    ※Winter Season Check-in Time(December~February) Weekday:10:00~15:00 Weekend and Holiday:9:30~16:00
    ※Please do not enter the campsite or secure the spot before checking in.
  • ・You can get in and out the campsite at night, but please do not disturb other customers after the light off time at 22:00.
  • ・Of all types of fireworks only hand-held sparklers are allowed. Please have fun in the designated area. Please dispose the cinders as combustible waste at the garbage dump the next morning.
    We do not provide bucket, please bring your own.
  • ・Campsite users are not permitted to park in the farm parking lot in general, you may do so while visiting the farm. (No extra parking fee)
  • ・Credit cards can only be used for one-time payments. Please note we do not accept credit card during breakfast hours.
  • ・We can assist our guests to set up tents. If you are renting tents from us, we will attach the setup manual as well. See if you can challenge yourself! Please refer to our staff if you have any question.( Please wait in turn when it’s busy.)
  • ・The ingredients for BBQ are only available on Saturday, all but the last day of a holiday that lasts more than one day. We take order until 3pm and start delivering the ingredients after 5pm.
  • ・Some bread products can be reserved for breakfast, please reserve on site the day before. On weekdays during summer vacation, there may be exceptional cases where only reserved items will be served.

Group Visitors

  • ・It is possible to secure each site even if group members arrive separately. Please complete the check-in procedure.
    In addition, since the site is selected by the customer, please notify each other by yourself.
  • ・If the nights of stay of the group members differ from each other, please make reservation separately in accordance of how many nights you are staying.


  • ・Power supply site size: 8X8m Power Supply: 1500W 20A provided.
    E.g. Blow dryer(1200W) Hot carpet(750W)
  • ・Payed bathing facilities include coin shower and a sauna with shower. We do not have bathtub.
  • ・There are no amenities or dryers available. Hair dryers (300 yen) and bath towels (200 yen) are available for rent. Rinse-in shampoos (160 yen) and body soaps (80 yen) are sold at shops.
  • ・There are no toy or attraction on the campsite.
    We have set up a pool that can only be used by campsite users during the summer vacation period (time schedule might change, please bring your own swimwear).


  • ・Reservation is available from 2 months in advance.
  • ・You can choose your preferred location from the area available after you check in. You may not reserve in advance.

Reserve Online

March-November: Weekdays 9:30-16:30 Weekends and Holidays 9:30-17:00
December-February: Weekdays 10:00-16:00 Weekends and Holidays 9:30-17:00