Can I buy animals from the farm?

AIn principle the animals are not for sale.

What is the age restriction for horseback riding?

AWe have restriction for height not age. For horseback riding you need to be more than 120cm tall and pony riding is available for guests that are 95-119cm tall.

How should I join the Cow Milking Classroom?

APlease wait at the location before the activity starts. No reservation needed. If you arrive after the scheduled starting time, you might not be able to join the activity.

How should I join the Duck Race?

AThe Duck Race game is on a first-come-first-served basis for the first 24 guests arrived. Please wait at the race location before the game starts. Our staff will come and give out game coupons close to starting time.

Can I take my dog to the farm?

AYour dog can enter the farm once you pay for its admission. (Please keep them on leash) But we request that you refrain from taking them into the Friend Zoo Park, Animal Cottage and Horse Leading area. In the meantime, even though the Friend Zoo Park area is fenced, we might still ask your dog to be kept at a distance if we decide there might be potential danger to the animals inside. Please feel free to use the dog run area.

What kinds of animals are there in the farm? Is there any animal feeding experience activity?

AWe have cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, silkie chickens, geese, hedgehogs, chinchillas, Nagoya cochin chickens and barn owls in our farm! You can feed the cows, goats and sheep. You can also pet the rabbits, guinea pigs and ducks in the petting zoo. Some activities are time limited, please check with us in advance.

Can I bring animal feed from home and feed the farm animals?

APlease refrain from doing so. In order to keep the animals in healthy condition, our staff members keep a strict control of the varieties and amount of the animal feed. Please also do not feed animals with paper.


Where should I check in during non holidays?

AThe campsite management house is closed during non holidays. Please check in at the Narita Dream Farm entrance.

Can I reserve my camping area in advance?

AYou can choose your preferred location from the area available after you check in. You may not reserve in advance.

What is the Camper Special Admission Ticket?

ACampsite users can purchase the farm admission tickets with a discount from the management house in the campsite. The ticket is valid till the closing time of your checkout date.

Can you help me set up the tent?

AWe can help by assisting you setting up the tent. Please wait in turn when it’s busy.


Can I shop at the stores without paying the entrance fee?

AYou can either purchase at the shops outside the farm or ask for a 10 minutes free entrance ticket(for shopping) at the entrance window.

Can I use my credit card?

AWe accept credit card at the entrance, shops, campsite and Cheese Forest(restaurant). However, we might not accept payment by credit card during busy season to alleviate congestion.


Can I bring tent or tarp into the farm?

AWe do not allow tent or tarp in the farm but you can bring sunshade sized for 2-3 people.

Can I bring the sled for grass sliding?

AWe are sorry but sled is not allowed.

Can I bring my own bento into the park and where can I eat it?

AYou can bring your bento but they are not allowed in the restaurant(baby food is allowed). You can enjoy the food on the resting chairs in the playground or use the tables and chairs in open area.


Is reservation needed for the shuttle bus between JR Namegawa Station and the farm?

AReservation not needed.

Can I reserve for barbecue?

AThe restaurant “Barbecue House” inside the farm accepts reservation for groups of more than 20. Or if you pay the campsite service fee, you can bring your own ingredients and barbecue there.

Do you have strawberry picking?

AThe strawberry picking season is usually from mid December to March, time might vary depending on the growth condition. Even during strawberry picking season, we might close some days depending on yield. Please call in advance to confirm. We will be able to confirm whether open or not the day before after 3pm.