company profile

  • We are a sightseeing ranch, located in Narita, Chiba prefecture. The grounds span close to 30 thousand square meters, which is about the size of seven Tokyo domes. In addition to functioning as a sightseeing ranch, we also produce superior dairy products.Since 1887, we have been crafting our dairy products with a particular concern put forth to produce an exceptional quality of milk. As such, we have spent many strenuous hours of dedicated work aimed at creating delicious products like our yogurts and ice creams. We hope that through our happily offered products, you will feel a connection to the craftsmen who strive to provide you with a uniquely satisfying experience.
Comapny name
Narita Dream dairy farm Corporation
730 Nagi, Narita-city Chiba, 289-0111
The president-director
Hiroyuki Akiba


f you go to the supermarket and find a bottle of milk, most likely it is a product that has been shipped from a corporation. A single bottle will usually contain milk, having been processed at extremely high temperatures, from a mix of ranches all of which raise a varying quality of cows. At its inception in 1887, this ranch's primary operation was to obtain milk from the cows and to ship it to manufacturers. This remained unchanged for the next 100 years. Then in 1987, a dairy farmer, Hiroyuki Akiba, now thepresidentof the company, desired to change the operating scheme. With such a massive undertaking, he renamed Akiba Dairy Farms to Narita Dreams Dairy Farms and began its transformation into the current sightseeing venue.

With this change, we also began manufacturing dairy products ourselves striving to make top quality items reflective of the tradition we were founded upon. While some may say that, "All ice cream tastes the same" or "There is no difference between yogurts," we refute those claims and ask you not to give up on the taste of dairy products. We assure you that if you taste our ice cream and yogurt, you will understand that they are no mere products and that we at Narita Dreams Dairy Farms have laboriously sought to provide you with only the best.